April 1st

April 1stThe beautiful thing about April 1st!

1. You are reminded that the New Year is fast spent;

2. You are drawn to the fact that it is the first day of the 2nd quarter;

3. You are reminded that you made new resolutions and goals for the year;

4. Your attention is called to stock taking of your resources, performances and achievement so far;

5. You are reminded that, you must stop playing the fool;

6. You are reminded to be on guard, anyone can make a fool out of you;

7. You are expected to re-strategize (where necessary) to meet what you had set out to achieve this year;

8. You are reminded that you can begin anew;

9. You are reminded that as you journey along the year you must be at wits end – apply wisdom always;

10. Lastly, even in such NONSENSE as April 1st (April fool) look out for the SENSE in things and learn to take the lesson.

Now, is it ‘April Fool’ or ‘April Full’? Well, it’s just the beautiful thing about April.

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