Wonder Working God!

Do a quick search on google or check your dictionary for the meaning of the word “Wonder’… and what do you find? Let me put down some of the suggestions that I have. 1. : to feel surprise or amazement. 2. : to have curiosity or doubt. – eg. I wondered about that And the Merriam … [Read more…]

God Loves You!

The greatest phrase or sentence most people want to hear is: “I Love You!” Surprisingly, the proclamation of love to another person comes with either a soothing feeling or a feeling of confusion/doubt. A confusing world, you may think. Yes, it is! Many do not know or understand the concepts of value, worth, or maybe … [Read more…]

The End That We Never See!

For most Christians, the idea of the end time is captured in the Book of Revelation. The End here pertains to the end of the world when all the struggles, fighting, challenges, problems, anxiety, and anticipations finally come to a close. We may liken it to the end of a school examination when the invigilator … [Read more…]