Lighting Experience – Day 6

Today we begin from our reflection from the Gospel passage John chapter 6. This is a popular text especially when we remember the song; I am the Bread of Life. However, our reflection would not capture that theme. We are today drawn into a beautiful statement that Jesus said; “… not because you understood my … [Read more…]

Lighting Experience – Day 5


Welcome to another beautiful day and exciting reflection, may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us always. Amen! I begin by asking a question. At what point does our innocence gets lost or stolen away? I mean, we are born as innocent infants then grow … [Read more…]

Lighting Experience – Day 4


Before we commence today, it is important to be clear on our objective. The goal for Lighting Experience is to evoke repentance in us and encourage us to seek God’s goodness, which would shed his light in our lives and in turn, we may share this light to others. Lighting experience is to help us … [Read more…]

Lighting Experience – Day 3


“So then, dear friends, as you always obeyed me when I was with you, it is even more important that you obey me now while I am away from you. Keep on working with fear and trembling to complete your salvation, because God is always at work in you to make you willing and able … [Read more…]

Lighting Experience – Day 2

reflections on lighting experience

It’s great to be back on this journey, the journey of faith. It is great to have our paths properly lit for the journey, so that we are properly guided; so we do not stumble and fall. It is pleasing to have a lighting experience. Yesterday we looked at God’s light into our life via … [Read more…]