Let the Atheist Say…

It is a disability of some sort to be blind, but it is obviously sadistic for the blind to be allowed to lead. And let the atheist say… that there is no God… because they are blind to the fact, but it is certainly cruel for them to be allowed to guide others in such matters as Faith or God.

History is abundantly clear on the existence and workings of God in different cultures, races or tongues. I wish to borrow from a biblical allusion, because it beautifully elucidates a known fact, story and history.

2 Kings Chapter 5 reveals a fabulous story of God’s existence and workings in our life. Don’t get me wrong, there are abundant stories in the bible which I can relate with as to God’s revelation of Himself but the illustration here should do, for now.

This Chapter speaks about an Army General, the Commander of the Syrian Army, Naaman the Leper. He was from Aram, he did not believe in God
(that is, the God of the Israelites). He was held in high esteem by his King, because he was a great war general. He had great influence, position, power and of course wealth (2 Kings 4-6), but he was a leper.

It goes without saying that he had used his great position to seek for cure but to no avail. It is also apparent that he travelled far and wide to get any form of probable healing, as he did in the story.

Many people believe, knowledge, power, wealth, position, influence is all they need to solve any challenge that come their way. But we all know that we can buy medication and not health; your money may get a house but may not acquire a home. And Naaman had a similar dilemma; his greatness was naught before his leprosy.

Naaman is not a fictitious character just to tell a story. Naaman lived in about 800BC during the reign of Ben Hadad II the king of Aram-Damascus in the time of Joram, King of Israel. History bears witness!

Naaman reveals to the whole world, both Jews and Non-Jews, the knowledge, existence and power of the Almighty God. Well, if he was Jew, may be the story would have been perceived as folklore; if he was a commoner, his story would have passed as a gossip, or some deception of some sort, but he was influential and popular, so his story lived on till the time of Jesus (Luke 4:27) and even today, in this text.

As the narration of the story goes, it took a little girl to tell the world that God is real. While Naaman confirmed to the world that God is indeed real and awesome.  The story of Naaman reveals that he was healed because he obeyed. It was not the waters of the Jordan that healed him, nor the number of times he took a dip. The instruction was coming from someone higher than him or his King; at that point he obeyed and received his healing. Naaman acknowledge that God is real (2 Kings 5: 15).

The fools say that there is no God (Psalm 14: 1). He is incapable of seeing the manifestation of God’s awesomeness around him. He is blind to the knowledge of the most important fact in the whole wide world. It is a pity; his mind is leprous, even in his state of affluence. And so often he misses his healing because his expectation of the procedure of his cure, that is, the explanation and revelation of God to him, does not meet his standard. So he says, there is no God, but let the Atheist say…

Today (as always) we experience God, every day, every hour, and in every moment. We are indeed blessed by the strength of his love. Yes, his touch is as gentile as silence; yes, we know that our God reigns. So, let the atheist say…


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