Quit defining God

Exodus 3:13-15Copy of Earth

In the text Exodus 3:14, there is great revelations of the person and the name of God. Man’s greatest trouble and indeed crime is trying to ‘define God’. In defining God we attempt to create boundaries for God; limit Him in time and space; and associate the known with the unknown. We attempt to confine the nature of God in a box and think along the parameters we have set.

Today, God again reveals Himself as’ boundless, timeless, beyond time and beyond space: ‘I AM WHO I AM’ or ‘I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE’ (according to some interpretations). Thus, our imaginations yet alone our knowledge of God are not rich enough to define the nature of God. We are simply limited to what we read or by what we imagine God to be. For example, would you have imagined that God would simply part the Red Sea for Moses and Israelites to walk through? He was just awesome at solving that problem. In effect, we can say He is an awesome God. What other god or divinity has been recorded to perform this feat? None! My guess is; that was possible because God is the creator of all, and He understands the science behind all things. Another attribute in mind…He is the Creator. Suffice me to say, that if we present all the attributes of God we would be taking a shot at an unending story.

I leave you with this; do not try to define God, but key into the attributes that meet your purpose at your point in need. Needless to remind you, He is mysterious!

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