When Reasons Compel Faith

Why must we dedicate all to God? The reasons are not far-fetched:-

It’s quite unfortunate that we are drawn to reason than faith, or how again can it be expressed? Like Thomas, we are drawn to proof.

So these are the few reasons I must dedicate all to God. Because I may have enough funds to buy drugs, build hospitals or sponsor a whole health sector but I can’t buy my health.

Because I may have enough to rent an apartment, build a mansion, or even buy an estate, but may not dwell in a home.

Because I may buy the most fabulous beds and beddings; wool, feather, spring, foam, or water bed, it doesn’t guarantee a sound sleep.

Because I may win a noble peace prize without finding peace myself

Because I may marry the richest or most attractive person in the world, I may even give all I have but love is not assured.

Because I may work fervently pulling the largest crowd or assembly, if not for God, it’s another warehouse not a church.

Because I may spend my whole life gathering everything; material, intellectual or spiritual which I would finally surrender to death.

Because there is no other that can guarantee life and salvation.

It is even more interesting to note: nothing lasts forever, but the love of God.

All I have is nought, all without worth, but I have thought and sought, that when we die, what do we own? Who at that point owns us? Think again!

Are you still looking for ‘reasons’ to save you or is your ‘faith’ able?

I would rather surrender all to Him who sent His son to die so that I can live abundantly, in this world and the next.

Psalm 24:1 says; “The earth and all that is in it belongs to God.” Therefore who can hide from God? Or what can you possibly hide from Him.

As I stated earlier;

‘Totus Tuus’ simply means ‘Totally Yours’

Oh Lord All I Have Is Yours;

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