(VIDEO) God’s Amazing Graciousness

God’s Amazing Graciousness is the topic of the homily in the video shared below. A very inspiring reflection to help you become a better christian.    This is video is the Lux Terra Sunday Homily from the Lux Terra Foundation, Abuja – Nigeria. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel for up to date reflections. 

The Best Time To Run

Several things came to mind when I first got the topic; The Best Time to Run. Considering the current wave of election stories with many politicians indicating their interest to vie for a post: Politicians are tagged to be running for a position. Every ambitious politician seeks for the best time to run. Well this … [Read more…]

And What Is Your Source Of Light?

The bible provides us with copious verses on the issues of light as it relates to Christendom and faith. This text is particular about the metaphorical reference to Jesus Christ as being the Light of the World. Prophet Ezekiel’s vision and John’s revelation depicts the Throne of God as an incomprehensible light that shines brighter … [Read more…]