Don’t Be A Jonah!

The Book of Jonah is one of the many books in the bible. It is a beautiful narrative of how Jonah, an Israelite and a Prophet of God, tried to run away from doing God’s will and how God showed his might and mercy. At a closer look, you would find out that it is … [Read more…]

TMD – Day 31

The Monthly Devotional (TMD) Last Week Day 31 Thank God with all your heart, for he has won you for his own, he is your father Introduction: As a Christian, what gives me great joy is that my God has called me his child. There is not greater elevation or honour; there is no greater … [Read more…]

TMD – Day 30

The Monthly Devotional (TMD) Last Week Day 30 Thank God for he is going to bless your home; family, relationship, finances, your store house Introduction: “I have come to give life and give more abundantly” says the Lord. In his presence there is fullness of blessing and rejoicing and as I have come before the … [Read more…]

TMD – Day 29

The Monthly Devotional (TMD) Last Week Day 29 Thank God for who he is… Introduction: God I thank you for you are my creator, my God, my father. You are everything to me! The mind cannot phantom, words cannot describe, lips cannot tell of all your greatness, wonders and attributes. The heaven is your throne … [Read more…]

TMD – Day 28

The Monthly Devotional (TMD) 4th Week Day 28 Thank God for his love for you that has no end Introduction: Lovers get tired and separate or file for divorce. Parents disown their children. Children forsake their parents when they get older. But only God has been with you through and through. He knew how you charted … [Read more…]