TMD – Day 27

The Monthly Devotional (TMD) 4th Week Day 27 Ask God to cover you with his love Introduction: This reflection could best be explained from the scriptures Job 1: 9-11. The devil acknowledges that God covered Job with his love, and this is awesome news. Read this biblical reference and recount the benefits of God covering you … [Read more…]

TMD – Day 26

The Monthly Devotional (TMD) 4th Week Day 26 Ask God to go before you and take you by the hand Introduction: Here I am Lord, I will go, if you would lead me! What is the future? The future is some distant time and place we are heading into. Not many have been there, and maybe … [Read more…]

TMD – Day 25

The Monthly Devotional (TMD) 4th  Week Day 25 Ask God to bless your hands and the works of your hands Introduction: My hands are blessed with the blessings of God. The hand is a symbol of help and a symbol of service. God expects every human to be in service; to continue, fulfil and perfect the … [Read more…]

TMD – Day 24

The Monthly Devotional (TMD) 4th Week Day 24 Lay your hearts bare and ask God to forgive and cleanse you Introduction: Even the holy man sins several times a day, as the scripture reveals. Job sought every opportunity to ask God for forgiveness and cleansing at the beginning and end of the day, and God loved … [Read more…]

TMD – Day 23

The Monthly Devotional (TMD) 4th Week Day 23 Thank God for his ever-abiding presence Introduction: He promised to cover us with his wings. Are you aware of God’s presence all the time? Elisha begged God to open the eyes of his servant so that the servant could see the host of angels present. If you do … [Read more…]